Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love Yo Self

Over the years I have realized and been told, that I have a pretty decent self esteem.  I am not really sure what my parents did to foster this positive characteristic, but I am so glad they did. Of course I am not perfect, and I have moments where I hate this or that feature, but for the most part I am completely comfortable in my skin.  I own 23 bathing suits and don't feel awkward in a pool or a beach.  Am I as thin as I'd like to be?  No.  But I also realize that I have 100% control over that and really, if you are not going to be my friend/date me/etc because I could lose 40 pounds, well you are a horrible person and missing out on something great.   Have I always hated my nose?  Yes, though now am able to laugh at the Gonzo nickname I had in high school. 

I am writing this particular blog for two reasons.  I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, that recently went bathing suit shopping with me. She works out consistently and if you were to describe her, you would use words like thin, tiny and toned. Yet for her, putting on a bathing suit was horrible. She concentrated on every flaw on her body and was noticeably uncomfortable.  She was not able to look at herself in the mirror, in an adorable suit and say "hey, this fits me well and looks nice on me."  All she saw was wide hips, big thighs and a bit of extra padding around the waist.  I kept telling her how cute she looked, but she was never able to see it.  I was frustrated and heart broken. 

I realize that everyone is their own worst critic and God knows I have my days, but it made me so sad to see her so down on herself for no reason.  It just isn't right.

Then I saw this video, and it brought tears to my eyes.  Watch it.

Why is it that people judge themselves so harshly?  Why is it that our society stresses botox to remove the lines instead of celebrating the laughter and the smiles that caused them? Why can't we be half as kind to ourselves as we are to strangers?

I know there are no easy answers and just as I cannot identify why I am so comfortable in my skin, I can't tell you why others aren't.  But if you are reading this blog, take a look in the mirror and look at yourself through someone you love's eyes.  Realize that they don't see the tiny flaws that are huge to you...they see a smile, kindness in your eyes, a friend, a sister, a son, a daughter, neighbor.  

The Boston Marathon bombings prove that there is a lot of sadness and cruelty in the world.  We all feel like we are fighting battles daily.  Just make sure that the first battle you encounter isn't with yourself.  Love yourself, fat rolls, wrinkles, jiggles, big noses and all.

Monday, April 1, 2013

March Music

Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean - if you didn't know him before the Grammys, I am sure you have heard his name by now.  I first came to know him from the song No Church in The Wild that was featured in Safe House.  I immediately bought that's a good one (though from 2012). You will hear that a lot as The Great Gatsby gets closer to being released.
Swim Deep by The Sea - Ethereal pop.  I love.
Pompeii by Bastille - Another little British Pop band, but they are opening for Two Doors Cinema Club so I think they will keep growing. 
Duet by Everything Everything - you gotta love a band that has a song called "Photoshop Handsome".  I think this is such a pretty song.
Chocolate by The 1975 - I could listen to this song over and over it. This is a new British band that has also opened for TDCC.  Interesting fact:  the name comes from a suicide note, telling of the owner's fall into insanity. It was dated 1 June The 1975. 
Next Year by Two Door Cinema Club - Speaking of TDCC, they have new stuff out - yay!  OK technically this came out in 2012, but this is hitting the radios now and I love it.
Elephant by Tame Impala - funky, funky, love it, love it.  "Bet he feels like an elephant shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it."