Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Couch Potato - Summer TV

I watch A LOT of TV, but I don't feel that badly since I am also pretty active. I've heard a lot of people say there isn't anything good on during the summer and I wholeheartedly disagree. The best thing about summer TV? It is on networks that replay episodes often so two shows on at the same time isn't a conflict. We just catch them whenever they are on again. So here are my picks for Summer TV:

8pm - Eureka- This Sci Fi gem is cute. It's not great but it is sweet and the characters are genuine. I like Colin Ferguson and Niall Matter. They are enough to keep me tuned in.
9pm - Warehouse 13 Sci Fi and again, this is not the finest of all TV but it is entertaining
10pm - Alphas- Sci Fi -A better representation of what Sci Fi (or rather SyFy) can produce. This is a show about everyday super heroes. Premiere was promising so I will keep watching.
10PM - Weeds - Showtime - They have fast forwarded 3 years and Nancy is out of prison, but hasn't changed. I feel like I need to be loyal to this show, though the only real thing keeping me is the addition of Pablo Schreiber, who is a good girl's dirty-hot bad boy.

8pm- Pretty Little Liars -ABC Family - Escapism in its purest form.
9pm - White Collar - USA - This show is fun, sweet with a bit of procedural form to it. Check it out...you'll love it even if you don't know all the nuances between the characters. If you can, watch from day 1. The relationships make the show.
10pm - Covert Affaris - USA - If you are on Twitter, follow Christopher Gorham (@chris_Gorham). He plays Auggie and not only is a cutie, is extremely interactive with his twitterai. It makes me like him even more and root for the show's success.

8pm - So You Think You Can Dance - Fox - I've been a fan since the very first season, however I only watch this on TiVo so I can fast forward through a lot of it. I watch the dances, listen to Nigel's thoughts and the guest judge if I like him or her. Other than that...fast forward.
9pm - Royal Pains - USA - Lower your expectations and then check out this show. It's cute, the relationship between the brothers is sweet and it is a good way to spend an hour, but you won't miss it if you should happen to fall asleep during it.
9pm - Franklin and Bash - TNT- Like any other self respecting child of the 80s, I was excited to see Mark Paul Gosselier back on tv. Zach Morris is decidedly grown up. He was on Weeds for one episode and I didn't even recognize him. He is teamed up with Breckin Meyer as lawyers who don't always play by the book. Malcom McDowell plays a supporting role and overall the show is fun, not too serious and a good way to spend some couch time. I'm even liking Reed Diamond!
10pm- Necessary Roughness - USA - I loved Shelia on Rescue Me so we checked this show out. Make no mistake, it is a chick show. It's tolerable, but Joe has already vetoed it and unless I end up with a ton of alone time at home, I won't make a lot of effort to watch it.


9pm - Burn Notice - USA - Possibly the best show on right now. Absolutely great. Check it out from season 1 if you can. It's worth the time.
10pm - Suits- USA - I will watch new USA shows based on Burn Notice alone, but it is always nice when they deliver. Is this the best show on TV? No, but I love a show that is strong on the relationships between people and I love that the main character, a wiz kid turned lawyer, isn't always right and doesn't always do the right thing. Plus Zoe from Firefly is in it. So watch...for her. You know Wash is dead....so she needs the work. (Sorry for the insider Serenity joke.)

8pm - Flashpoint - CBS - This Canadian export is easy to watch whenever it is on. It's entertaining but not great. Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars to you in the know) is the best part of the show and for him, I will continue to support this.

10pm - The Glades - A&E- This ties Burn Notice for best show of the season. It's a crime procedural with a little more. The lead character is a charming asshole that I have grown to love.
10pm - Falling Skies - TNT -I loved Noah Wylie on ER. Then came The Librarian series which shattered any respect I had for him and made me never, ever, want to hear his voice again. But TiVo recorded Falling Skies for us and we were bored so we figured we'd give it a shot. And honestly, I am intrigued. I am still not a huge fan of his, but he is wearing on me. The show is a teeny bit original in some respects and maybe I'm just in a dystopian mood of late, but I actually look forward to watching this. It has already been renewed, so maybe I'm not the only one hoping Noah gets back to his Carter days.