Saturday, December 24, 2011

26.2 Miles. Because 26.3 is just crazy.

I am 6 weeks away from my first full marathon. I have a wonderful plan, fantastic training partners who keep me honest and a brain and a heart full of doubt. This is really hard. Much harder than I thought it was going to be.  When I signed up, I was running well; feeling strong. I had images of running the entire thing, finishing at a pace that rivals Oprah (who finished at 4:29 which I think would be cool because that is my birthday, even though Oprah had a personal trainer and a dietician and all the time in the world to train). Now I hope I can finish.

I had a 14 mile run today. Good news is that I did it.  Bad news is that I feel like a truck ran over me. My legs ache. My feet are sore. I had to walk to last mile and I swear had you offered me a million dollars to run that last part, I would have passed it up. I couldn't have mustered anything. It was horrible. I thought about laying down on the greenway, calling Joe and hoping he could find me and carry me back to the car.

Cindy said her 14 mile run was the roughest too. I've also read blogs so it seems like this self doubt is completely normal and par for the course. I know it is the pain talking, but right now the reasons WHY I am doing this have completely escaped me.

There is really no point to this blog other than to whine and to get my worry out there. I remember when I was training for my half and I wondered and doubted if I could do it.  Now 13 miles is pretty easy. I am hoping the longer runs get up there too. Gosh I hope so.

Friday, December 16, 2011

November Music

People Help The People by Birdy
Call It What You Want - Foster the People
Used to Did by J. Roddy Walston
Don't Stop by Foster the People
The Fear by Ben Howard
Get Burned by Sleeper Agent
Turn Off This Song by Lonely Forst
All I Ever Wanted by Airborne Toxic Event
Not Your Fault - AWOL Nation

I am working on the 2011 edition of Amy's Audibles, my favorite songs from the year.  Email me if you want a copy.